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Lan Cable

We bring to you LAN Cables best suited to your specific applications. The Cables are verified to the performance category - 5 / 5e requirements of TIA/EIA 568 - A & UL 444 for Transmission performance. Lan cables are suitable for voice, Data, Video and Low Voltage Control, It is suitable for all Lan topologies including Horizontal and Vertical distribution Plenum and Riser. The conductor is made of Electrolyticplain annealed solid copper of size 0.5 mm., Hi gh quality Polyethylene Insulated with suitable colour code, twisted pair, Unshielded light grey PVC Jacketed with improved fire characteristic meeting requirements o fIEC - 332 - high oxygen and temperature index. The UL ISO - 9002 certification ensures the quality of cables and its intended performance.

Salient Features
• Low attenuation and crosstalk
• Low Structural return Loss
• UL verified cables