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Co Axial Cables

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We offer high quality Co Axial Cables that are known for durability and strength. These flame resistant wires are available in different types such as RG-6, RG-8, RG-11, RG-58, RG-62, RG-213, RG 214 etc. Based on advanced Bi-Metallic technology, we manufacture different kinds of RF coaxial RG/AU cables having PTFE insulation. These cables are high frequency cables with low loss signal quality.


We have rich experience of manufacturing superior quality Digital VSAT satellite telecom cables and Radio Frequency Co-axial cables, RG Series 6 / 8 / 11 / 58 / 62 / 213/214

Special Features: 
•  High Band width 
• Low attenuation Value 
• Minimum structural return loss
 • Low loss in signal quality 
• Ideal for power pass application 
• Clear in reception reduced cross talk.

Minimum loss signal: better reception
Higher band wodth: larger network expansion, 100 plus channels
Low attenuation value: less electromagnetic interference
• Minimum structural return loss
Moisture proof: Ideal for tropical conditions